Thursday, June 14, 2018

Collateral UK and Midnight Queen

Today I want to talk about my friend Angelo Tristan and his incredible band Collateral UK. I first met Angelo about five years ago on Twitter. I don't remember who's tweet we were responding to or what the subject was but we began liking each other's tweets and soon we were having an entire conversation on someone else's Twitter feed. We finally went to pms and after about 2 1/2 hours I was so impressed with this young man that we exchanged email addresses and FB info. He sent me several copies of his EP which my kids quickly snatched and a friendship was born.

The fact that he lives in Britain and I live in the USA has caused a few issues. He asked me to be his manager but I told him there was no way I could even begin to manage him from such a long distance but I was more than happy to be his friend and mentor from here. When he created his own record label I became his liaison and talent scout here in America. I have watched him fight and scrap and struggle to create his music, gather people together to make a band, and gain a following that just gets stronger every year. He is never still and is always pushing forward, focused on the goal and never looking back. His tenacity and perseverance have paid off with his band Collateral UK being signed to a record deal with Roulette Media. His next goal is to come to America and tour California, singing in any venue I can find him that will let him play. On May 11th they released their first video "Midnight Queen" and it is incredible! The record went to number one in Australia and I cannot wait to see where these guys go next. So I'm sharing their video here and hope you all enjoy it. feel free to share it with your friends also!