Sunday, March 25, 2018

2011-2018....... Time Flies

I completely forgot I had this blog account. I was invited to join the romance writers at Everybody Needs A Little Romance sometimes and moved there for the past few years. Since the blog moved to Facebook, however, I have not been very active on it. My life has gone in many different directions over the past few years and there is no way to really write about it all. So I will hit on some highlights and move on from there...

First and foremost--my divorce was finalized in August 2017. My ex and I have remained friends--our divorce was extremely amicable and more about just moving on with our lives in different directions than what we started from together. We live across the street from each other and the girls live with him since I met a new man and we live together in our old house. Michael  and I met in the summer of 2016 after I filed for divorce. Our relationship grew as we spoke and texted daily to the point that he decided he needed to be with me and in October of 2016 I flew out to Pennsylvania to meet him, help him pack, and we drove across the country back to California. Since then he has found a great job with a lot of room for growth and is moving up in the company at an accelerated rate. I see a management position in his near future and I am incredibly proud of him! He is a good man and he loves me madly for some reason--I am a lucky girl for sure!

My girls are grown up and working on their own lives. Sierra met a young lady in college who she befriended. This young woman got pregnant and ended up homeless right after having the baby. Sierra and I drove down south to San Bernadino and picked her and the baby up (Sierra was present for her birth) and brought them to live with us. Circumstances being what they were Sierra ended up filing for custody of the little girl and was awarded permanent custody of her in March 2016. Adrielle is the joy of all our lives--she is funny, sassy, sweet, loving , and has way more personality than any one child should have! I thank God every day for allowing us to love her and raise her and enjoy her! Jordan continues to be the rock for her sister and "brothers" by stepping us and doing child care for her sister and being the best auntie in the world to her nephews and nieces! Always ready to lend a helping hand, J has a true servant's heart and we would all be lost without her! Her dad and she were able to go on a Caribbean cruise with family friends at the beginning of March 2018. She had an absolute blast! He bought her her dream car and she is so happy driving around in her little red Bug convertible! Sierra works at a school for children with autism and absolutely loves it. She is still pursuing her dream to be a NICU nurse, but between working full time, raising Dri, and regular life it is a bit of a challenge. She purchased a brand new SUV this past year all by herself--pretty proud of her! J continues to work in child care for her church and is quite happy there.

Plenty more life to live and talk about but like I said, no way to cram seven years into one blog post! I will be bringing some music news into this blog--I have met an incredible guy named Angelo Tristan from the UK who has an amazing group called Collateral--they are making pretty big waves in Britain and hope to be coming to the US soon for a tour! Watch for some video trailers for their new music video "Midnight Queen" to be showing up here soon!!! 

Oh---and a very important piece of news is the fact that after 20 years of driving transit I have moved on to a new career opportunity and am now employed as a charter bus driver! I absolutely love it! Just got back from a multi-day trip to LA and am looking forward to a trip next month to Oregon! I love getting paid to travel! 

Ok off to do some adulating--being gone for several days means there are plenty of home things to get done such as laundry, housework, cooking, etc to get done before going back to work tomorrow! Enjoy your Sunday!