Saturday, June 13, 2009


Well, it finally happened--I am now the proud parent of a high school graduate! Woo-hoo! Hard to believe I am old enough to have a daughter who is almost 18--I am still convinced that I am only 30 something myself! LOL!

What is really neat is that Jordan graduated exactly 29 years to the day from the same school that I received my high school diploma! She even had a couple of the same teachers. Of course, they had stories to tell her about me--oh gee, thanks for bursting THAT particular little bubble for me! And here I thought I would be able to maintain my innocence--I was such an exemplary student!! LOL!

It was a proud moment for me and her dad and the rest of her family as we watched her walk down that aisle in her cap and gown with this huge grin on her face! We looked each other in the eye and then we had to look away or we would have both been bawling. Yeah, yeah, like mother like daughter--it was a Hallmark moment! I got misty several times over the past couple of weeks, but I managed to get through the entire ceremony without breaking down. Come on, folks--I still cry on the girls' first day of school every year! And they are in HIGH SCHOOL!

She spent that evening with all of her classmates at a huge Sober Grad party and then the next couple of days partying with different friends, including her own party on Tuesday.

The best part was when I got her report card on Friday. FIVE "A's"!! Wow! And her sister got solid B's with a couple of A's sprinkled in, including two on her final exams. Can you tell I am proud of my girls?!

So now we are moving into a new phase in our lives. Jordan will be starting at the junior college in the fall to get her pre-req's out of the way before she transfers to a 4 year college to complete her special ed major. Sierra will be going into her junior year at RC. It will be the first time that the girls haven't gone to school together. Ever. Not sure how they feel about it, but it will be very strange for me--still working on getting my mind around it...

I am looking forward to having Jordan spread her wings a little more. Watching her explore her new world, test her independence. She is very much a home-body so she never ventures far from mom, but now that she has her license and a car I have noticed that she is out and about quite a bit. It is so awesome seeing how much she enjoys this new phase in her life! These should be some of the best times of her life and I hope she enjoys every minute of them!

So--one down, one to go! Onward and upward....

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