Monday, February 16, 2009

Rainy Weekend...

It has been raining now for two solid days. I guess I shouldn't complain--we desperately need the rain here. But of COURSE it chooses to rain on my three day weekend! So I am stuck in the house. With the girls. And the dogs.

My hubby took off for his dad's for a couple of days. Dad lives on Lake Shasta. I am not sure why, but whenever we decide to go and visit him, the biggest storm of the year usually blows through the area right about then. We have decided that we can singlehandedly end the drought here in California just be declaring our intentions to visit my father in law! LOL! Absolute guarantee of snow and rain to follow! And since I thought I had to help my friends move this weekend I kept the Tahoe and he had to go up in the Corvette--guess he made it in with about an hour to spare before they closed the highway!!

The girls and I have spent a quiet Valentine's/President's Day weekend together. I re-acquainted myself with the SIMS and got to play the newest expansion pack for the first time. I rather like it, but I have yet to try out any of the new hobbies and activities on the game.

Took my daughter shopping for Valentine's stuff for her bf, but as of yet she hasn't gotten to give it to him. She even wrote him a poem all by herself--and she's the one who doesn't like that stuff--but she hasn't gotten to see him at all nor has she really talked to him. He moved back home a week or so ago and has been acting strange ever since. He says he doesn't have any second thoughts about their engagement, but you would think he would have wanted to spend their first Valentine's Day as an engaged couple with her.... Instead he mumbled something about an interview for a job on Saturday and he hasn't answered her texts or her calls except for rather perfunctory responses here and there. (sigh) She hasn't complained but I know she is very sad...

So we sat and watched chick-flicks all weekend together. One of the stations had all these great movies on it, one after another, so we curled up in the living room with most of the dogs and vegged out. Since hubby isn't here I can make food that we like and he doesn't, so for lunch we had mac n cheese and sausage and for dinner we had taco salad. Then I made us big sundaes later on for dessert and we all decided that we are going to gain at least ten pounds this weekend!!

The little kids are back--again. We got them back what--a week ago already? They were home for a little over a week and their mom got picked up on a warrant for stuff she hasn't done that she was supposed to do. They are over at the mom's bf's this weekend--he offered and I decided that hey, he wants to play daddy so I may as well let him... And it rained. All day. All weekend. So that means they are all stuck in the house. Together. Did I mention the place isn't very big? And he doesn't have a car? And the buses aren't running today? And the kids fight--a LOT!! Better him than me at this point! LOL! So I will go and get them today--later. Much, much later.

Gotta go help my friend pack up the rest of his stuff and get the furniture ready to move next weekend. We were going to rent a trailer and try moving him today, but with the rain and whatnot, and the fact that the place still looks like a cyclone hit it, we decided today would be better spent getting stuff organized, taken apart, and gotten rid of. I am the "get rid of" person--I go through all the papers and whatnot that he has collected over the past 15 years (or more) and I dump it. He is a bigger packrat than I am, if that is at all possible! I have been finding things from previous moves--some stuff dating back to the '70's and '80's!! My God--I was still in junior high when some of this stuff was new!! I have to make sure, however, before I dump something that it isn't sentimental or historically important first. But there is old mail, old newspapers, fliers from recitals and whatnot that I can throw away with nary a qualm! LOL! He says I will know more about him than anyone in our home town by the time we are through--and I had better never breathe a word to anyone either!! LOL!

Well, gotta go take a shower and wash some more clothes before the molehill in the garage becomes a mountain! Can't believe how much laundry just those three extra kids can make!!

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