Friday, February 06, 2009

Acapella Aria....

Tonight I sang a solo. For the first time. In front of people. Acapella. How scary is THAT?!!

I sing with a worship team for Celebrate Recovery, a church-sponsored group for people recovering from various and sundry addictions and issues--control issues, anger, drugs, alcohol, depression--you name it, they probably have a group for it. It's a great group and I enjoy helping lead the worship every Friday night.

We have a really great team of musicians. Our leader has an actual group that he belongs to that has CD's and everything! Sweet Deliverance is a men's acapella group and Bob sings bass and lead. Each Friday one of the team sings special music during offering. Tonight was my turn. oh joy.

See, I don't mind singing in a group. I always sing harmony, never lead, and that's what I am comfortable with. So asking me to sing a SOLO is scary for me! And then I wasn't even sure I was going to do anything because there was a trio of musicians that were going to play tonight but one of them had a family emergency so at 4 o'clock today I discovered that yep--I'm singing!

It was a little late to try and sing a song from one of my CD's--I have sound track CD's to sing with, sort of like karaoke, but I didn't have time to practice. So after talking with Bob, I decided to sing without any instruments. It gives me a little more freedom of expression with the song, and I didn't think it was fair to try and drag someone else down with me if I bombed! LOL!

So I chose the old hymn "What a Friend We Have in Jesus". OMG! I really didn't think I would be so nervous, since I sing in front of people all the time now. But that's with a group and music and stuff. If I mess up no one notices that much. But standing up there, all by myself, I thought "What in the world was I thinking?! This is going to be TERRIBLE!!!!" ! But I smiled anyway and sang the song--all three verses no less--and stumbled off the stage. I thought I was going to pass out for a minute there! And everyone clapped and cheered and thought I was great....

God blesses, you know? Even when we don't have time to really practice, God just pulls it all together and we end up praising Him no matter what. And that was all I asked--that my song would glorify Him. How could I go wrong with that? I am glad it is over! It turned out okay but next time I think I will use the CD! That acapella stuff isn't for sissies!

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