Saturday, January 24, 2009

Mourning for Lost Blogs

I am not sure what happened, but apparently Yahoo! closed down the 360* site. I have been blogging on there since I don't know when and now I cannot access any of my blogs. All my book reviews, my thoughts, my HISTORY--all gone.

Of course, I have tried to ask Yahoo! what happened to the site, but to no avail. No one has answered my emails, and just trying to find the right format in which to ask the question is about mind-boggling! Seems no one wants to field THAT particular question!

It really makes me angry. I mean, I have had a Yahoo ID for absolutely YEARS--the least they could have done is emailed me and let me know they were shutting down the site so I could copy my blogs here or somewhere else safe. Now they are gone forever and it makes me very sad...

They've started up some new thing which I signed up for, hoping it would take me back to my original blogs, just in a new format, but so far no such luck. (sigh)

So I guess Menageriemom's Musings is no more. It was my very first foray into blogging and I will miss it and all the thoughts that are now lost to time and cyberspace.

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