Monday, September 15, 2008

Living in the Wild Kingdom...

While talking with my husband the other day, he referred to our home as "the Wild Kingdom" and I had to laughingly admit that it was a pretty apt description!  I mean, what else would you call living with 6 dogs, 2 cats, 11 birds, a tortoise, and 6 kids?! Insanity does cross my mind, but only fleetingly...  *grin*

As I am typing this I have several love birds chirping behind me.  I had a pair of love birds who hatched out six chicks and I decided to hand raise all of them.  MUCH bigger task than I anticipated, requiring untold hours of feeding around the clock, cleaning of cages and chicks, and just dedication to the cause.  They are now all pretty much weaned so I am ready to sell three of them.  It will be sad to see them go, but I just can't keep them all!  I already sent Mom and Dad to a friend who wants babies....

Then I have my budgie, George, barking at me as he hops around in his cage, hanging upside down on his swing and flirting in his mirror.  Yes, I said he BARKS.  Like a dog.  He also rings like the phone but right now he's more interested in barking.  What can I say--he's a weird little bird.  

Bindi, the 'tiel, is rather quiet.  I guess the rest of the birds are making enough noise that she doesn't feel hon0r-bound to join in!  Thank God!

But let's not forget the kennel in the other room.  After we said good bye to South, my husband and I talked about getting him another large dog for him to walk in the evenings.  Ever since his heart surgery last June he has had to walk every day.  With the time change coming up and bad weather soon to follow he wanted a dog that he could take with him to the park so that no one would bother him.  Well, he went to the pound on a whim and there he found Brandy Rose, a 115 pound Saint Bernard, which I bought for him.  She is a whole lot of doggie, and he is in love with her!  She drools a little, but she is actually considered a "dry mouth"--hate to see what a "wet mouth" would be like!  LOL!

Then I finally got my Pomeranian puppy two weeks ago.  My husband worked the deal for me and I also got the sister puppy for my daughter's bf.  So now I have two little balls of fluff running around my family room terrorizing the family!  They are beyond cute but oh--housebreaking is a pain!  But I am so in love with them I don't care.  My little boy is Tavi (as in Riki Tiki Tavi) and the little girl is Jazz.  

And let's not forget the children!  Yes, I still have my "extra" kids.  School started a couple of weeks ago--thank God!--but of course that brings a whole new set of issues with it.  My house is trashed, I have laundry up to whazoo, and I always seem to be signing something or other for one of them...  

Oh--did I mention the beagle we rescued yesterday n the way to choir rehearsal?  Yeah.  He was in the middle of a busy road with a dazed and frightened look on his face and I couldn't just let him get hit so we turned around and picked him up and put him on the side yard for now.  I have an ad coming out in the local paper tomorrow for him.  And while I am at it I think I may advertise the love birds.  Anybody out there want a sweet hand-fed lovie?  Great pets!  *grin*

So yeah, I live in the Wild Kingdom.  At least I can never complain about being bored!

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