Friday, July 18, 2008

Party Countdown....

Ok--today is the BIG PARTY at my house for my daughter's bf's 17th birthday. They have been together for a year now and since he lived with us for a few months this past spring and all he is as much a part of my family as my own kids, so I decided that I needed to do something for his birhtday. Because of the issues with his own family (read above about living with mine) he isn't even sure they are doing anything to commemorate the BIG DAY, so I stepped up and said "who do you want to invite and when shall we have it?".

Remind me not to be so impulsive next time, ok?

I mean, come one. I am not a party giver OR a party goer. I never had a birthday party when I was growing up. Oh wait--we did stay home from camping one year and I had some friends over. I think I was 8. Or 10. Whatever. I was pretty young. One year I remember that Mom didn't even wrap my presents. Just handed them to me in a plastic bag and said "Oh here, open this, happy birthday, get your stuff packed" because we were behind getting out of the house to go--yes, every year we did this--camping. That's a whole 'nother blog in itself, but I digress.

Since having my two daughters I have had to learn how to give parties. The cake, the ice cream, the gift bags for the guests, the games. I loathe games. But the girls loved all of it, so each year I have wracked my brain to come up with fun stuff to do. One year my older daughter took her friends rock-climbing. There's a place in town that rents out climbing walls. It's in an old warehouse and he's got ropes and harnesses and it's really a lot of fun.

Since my older daughter's birthday is a week before Halloween we have done costume parties a few times. Her friends' favorite game to this day is bobbing for apples! As she has gotten older I have had to do more sophisticated stuff. She still says her 15th was her favorite--decorated the empty townhouse my MIL was selling with Halloweeny stuff, pizza and candy and cake and ice cream, bowling at midnight, movies and music and dancing 'til the wee hours with three of her best friends. Her Sweet 16 was a Black and Pink Ball--everyone had to dress up and wear black and pink! We decorated the garage with black and pink sheets (to hide the walls), had strobe lights, a fog machine, and music and food and dancing...

The younger girl has her birthday in July, so it's swim parties and food or the water slides. One year they painted pillow cases to take home with them. And when she was little we always had a pinata...

This past summer was the first time I gave a party for no reason other than "let's have a party!" slipped out of my mouth and into eager ears. Since then the girls' friends have begged us to have parties all the time. I don't know why, either. All I do is get a bunch of pizzas, sodas, and hook the stereo up outside and turn them loose. Go figure.

But today is different. Today I have people coming in from work who have never been to my house. The bf has made friends with several of our co-workers and asked if they could be invited. Plus he has invited some of his friends also. So I have been cracking the whip for the past two days trying to get the house and yard presentable!! Not an easy task when you have 5 kids who are better at trashing the house than cleaning it! LOL!

But at this moment I am right on schedule. I made potato salad last night. I have two tri-tips marinating as I write this. I vacuumed and shampooed the carpets yesterday after work. I just finished putting the Screaming Beans together in the crock pot and they will now just simmer until people start arriving around 5 pm. The bf is making fresh salsa and I have to go get propane and the rest of the food in a little while. I decided to put off buying the buns for the hot dogs and hamburgers until today so that they would be fresh, and I have to get some chips. Got the big cooler down for the sodas and water. Get ice around four and ice everything down.

Now I have to get outside and clean the back yard. It is all cement and we have dogs, so I have this little trick of spraying everything down with Listerine and bleach and it eliminates the odors. Works really well! And I have to make sure the pool is clean and all the toys are put up. And chairs. I have to get more chairs....

I may not know a lot about giving a party, but at least I am organized!! LOL! Now I am just worried about people showing up.... (sigh) Oh well, if they come they come. If not, I will not have to cook for the next few days!!

Check back later for updates--I will try and blog later!

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