Friday, July 18, 2008

All's Well That Ends Well.....

Well, here it is, 1030 PM and all is quiet on the Western front. Sort of.

Food was good, if I do say so myself! The tri-tip came out perfect, hamburgers and hot dogs were plentiful, and they almost completely decimated my calico beans! All the kids swam and played and ate while the adults sat around and talked bus talk, since we all work together. Even my aunt had a good time, though she has retired from driving school bus about a year ago. there was cake and ice cream and even a couple of presents to be opened, so all in all I think the party was a success.

Now the teenagers all left to go to the bf's house to get some movies, and I think they are planning a t.p. party for later. I don't have to go to this one, however, since one of the kids has his own car. (Yes, I have gone with the kids--it was a lot of fun until one of the cars of kids got caught!! And my girls happened to be in that car, so there I was, trying to think how I was going to answer that call from the cops.... "Yes? Yes, this is J and S's mother. What was that? MY daughters were doing WHAT? I am just shocked--shocked, I tell you!!" and here I was sitting just down the street from them! LOL! But the cop let them go with a warning and we high-tailed it out of there, let me tell you!)

So I am just sort of cleaning up the worst of the mess--picking up plates and cups and half drank cans of soda and throwing them away. Tomorrow I will finish up and then get ready to go to the next party. I bought too many buns--I always do that! I have this dread of running out of them so I always get too many and they really don't freeze well, so I am going to call my daughter's friend and tell them I will bring hamburger buns tomorrow as well.

I asked the bf if he had a good time, and he said he did, so I am glad that we did this for him. My MIL came through and got him the cool hat I found at the Van's store--he was really surprised that she bought him a gift!

The dogs have been released from their various rooms of imprisonment. My chihauhau isn't speaking to me right now--she was really bent that she got locked up for the day I guess! My big dog is walking around licking up crumbs and whatnot that were dropped on the floor. Gonna let her out in the back yard in a minute so she can clean up the chips someone spilled by the pool--dogs are good for that, you know! The old dog is sprawled behind me on the floor, enjoying the A/C, and my daughter's dog is reclining on the sofa arm, waiting for her to get back from the movie run.

All in all it has been a good day. It was worth all of the work to see the enjoyment my daughter's bf got out of hanging out with his friends and celebrating his big day. But now it is time for me to go bury myself in my room and relax. I can hardly wait to get horizontal!!

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