Friday, May 11, 2007

Crazy People

I swear, I must attract crazy people. Seriously! They seem to flock to me like bees to honey or flies to sh**, whichever seems most appropriate.

There is this tweaker who lives out on my bus route and he rode my bus today. He was flying--not sure on what, but he was a happy boy! He kept laughing and mumbling to himself and twitching all over the place as we rolled down the road. All I could think was that I was glad that the voices in his head were telling him jokes or things could get nasty! Imagine if they were pissed off and told him to start slicing and dicing....!!

Then there's a former foster son that lived with us for about four years. His entire family is certifiable, but he does crazy better than most of them. Every time he gets out of prison he calls us and I put the house on lockdown. I'm not really afraid he will do something to us--he "loves" us in his own peculiar way--but I just don't think I want him around my girls if I'm not there. He's been diagnosed as a paranoid schizophrenic and I have had many phone calls at 2-3 AM where he is convinced that somebody is out to kill him at that very moment. He always has a laundry list of people I am supposed to contact in the local sheriff's department if he goes "missing". Paranoid doesn't even cover half. You know the whole Lacy Peterson thing? Yep, they were looking at him for murdering her. Russian mobsters dumped in the local reservoir? Yep, convinced that he had something to do with it. His last stint in prison he had a "vision" --ie, REALLY good drugs--and now he is convinced that he is the Son of God. He even changed his name! I haven't heard from him lately so I am assuming he has been locked up again.

Every day I see people wandering the streets that should be in homes for the insane, yet they are allowed to roam unchecked and uncared for. It is a sad state of affairs when people care more about animal welfare than the welfare of humans who are incapable of caring for themselves. My foster son should be kept locked up for his own good and the safety of the general public. The tweaker on the bus should be in a program to help him kick the habit. He's got a baby girl that was taken away from him and his equally screwed-up girlfriend because they were obviously unfit to care for her. How sad is that?

These are just a couple of the nutjobs that inhabit my life. There are plenty more of them were these came from, but these are the ones that I was thinking about today. Some of them actually seem fairly normal until you start talking to them and then you realize, suddenly, that something isn't quite right about them and you get that Twilight Zone feeling in the pit of your stomach. Yeah. Like that. Welcome to my world....

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Chari-Dee said...

YIKES! You do know some crazies. Actually, I was glad to see you didn't put me on that list! And I absolutely agree, It is sad the lack of programs we have to get our nation healthy. We really need more of those. My uncle runs one, but he had to found it himself. Geez.