Friday, April 20, 2007

Rodeo Days

Saturday and Sunday my girls and I learned what it means to "strip steers" and work the gate at our local rodeo. My girlfriend has been doing it for 17 years until she moved out of state three years ago, but this year she came back for it and recruited myself, my two girls, and my oldest daughter's friend to help out. We were the only all girl crew out there, and let me tell you--these girls kicked some serious ass out there! Whoo--hoo! Sierra worked the gate for the steers, while Jordan's friend Emily worked the "crush" gate that held the steer in the chute. Jordan slammed the pole through the rails to keep the steer in the front of the chute, and I "stripped" the steer of its protective head gear before sending him into the pen with the rest of his buddies. Jordan took her turn on the gate with the calves from calf tying.

Saturday was wet and dismal--it rained on us pretty much all day--and as you can see from the girls faces they weren't thrilled with it! Talk about cold! Brrrr! No shelter to speak of and we didn't have any rain gear.... Sunday was a lot better with lots of sunshine and a brisk wind to dry things out. We worked hard both days and I was very proud of my girls. For never having done this before they did a GREAT job and never once complained about being too cold or too tired or too wet to do the job. They enjoyed it so much that they are already making plans to go back for all THREE days of the rodeo next year! (slack is on Friday all day). That's my girls--cowgirls at heart!

Theodosia and the Serpents of Chaos

Well, hopefully this link will lead you to a GREAT book by a friend of mine named RL LaFevers. It is her newest creation, and from what I have read it is absolutely awesome! since I have read everything she has written so far and have loved every word, I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that Theodosia is going to be just as great! Check it out!