Saturday, March 03, 2007

The Road To Oz Has Many Pitfalls....

You would think that I had been busy writing my book, since I haven't been posting here at all for the past month, wouldn't you? Well, truth be told I have been writing--more or less re-writing the first scenes because as I have worked on the story some of the plot has had to change to work with where it is going.

Writing is hard. You can start out with a one sentence idea, but as you develop that one sentence you have to make choices on which direction you want the story to go. It's all about the choices, really. If you make the wrong choice, sometimes you have to back track and change things because as you go along you realize that something isn't quite right.

That is where I have been. Something didn't ring true about the relationship between the main character and her husband. The scene wasn't believable. I wasn't sure what it was, so I had to spend a few days mulling it over until I found the problem. My friend to whom I send each segment of the story laughs about it when she talks to other people about my writing. She says that since i am always changing things she just waits to read it to see what has changed from my last installment! But I can't help it. I know this is the DLD version ("don't look down", to those who aren't over at the Cherry Forums or He Wrote/She Wrote online classes) but I can't go any further with the story until the first scenes are right. Otherwise there is no consistency and I can't write like that....

I think I have it fixed--for now. Obviously this isn't the final version and I know I will go back and re-write those first scenes after I have finished the book. You really don't know how the story begins until you write the end. Weird, but true. Things happen on the way to Oz that can change the beginning of the story drastically, or maybe just subtly, but they do change. I'm not worried about it--as long as it flows and there aren't any glaring discrepancies I am ok with it for now. Just need to get the damn thing written and off my mind! I have another story that a few friends are clamoring for me to finish. Wrote about 10K or so on it and let it out for review and now I have people demanding to know "so what happened?"!!

So it is just onwards and upwards. I have enough stuff in the basement to keep the girls occupied for a couple of years. Once I get these two books finished, there is always the fantasy that I have been working on off and on for the past twenty years or so to pull out and maybe finally finish. I had to put it away again, after working on it for about a month, because I really don't think I have the skills to finish it at this time. I need to work on my craft more before I tackle it again. It is a huge story and it is really complicated and I need to be at the top of my skills to really do it justice. I love it too much to not give it my best.


dee said...

Great post sweetie!
You're right, there are many roads to OZ. And it *is* weird, but true, that you never know just how it starts until you reach the end. I don't understand that one, but that's how it works for me too.
Keep going on those stories. I'm excited to read what happens next also!

and check out the review site this week. We've got some of your faves as guests, and a big basket full of schtuffs to give away.

much love!

Michelle said...

Definitely, all roads lead to oz.

I'm straight ahead one day and bouncing around like mad the next. The only thing that got me through my DLD was NaNo, and I was just too plain stubborn to quit that. Now I'm rewriting every single word.

Good luck!

RWC said...

Thank you for responding to my comments on Schofield. They are on my blog under responses.

Robert Warren Cromey