Thursday, March 15, 2007

It's Getting Crowded In Here....

One of the things about being a writer that scares me the most is that I am afraid that one day I will wake up and my muse will be--missing in action. Gone with the wind. Absent without leave. Vanished without a trace. Ok, ok, you get the idea.

Maybe this is because I am not so sure that I have what it takes to be a REAL writer. You know, the kind that has books published and sent out to bookstores so the general public can read them. Yeah, that kind of writer.

But today something happened that has finally convinced me that the well isn't going to run dry any time soon. I was driving in from BART this morning and I was thinking about this little town I found on a map one day. I don't remember why I was looking at the map--I think I was trying to find where in the world my cousin had moved to. Anyway. And I wanted to write a story about the town because I love the name and suddenly there she was. My main character. And the guy she is going to fall for, though she isn't crazy about the idea just yet. And his brothers and sisters. And her crazy family. And the dog. And a couple of cats. Oh yeah, another dog. And I am like "wow" and as soon as I put the bus to bed I had my notebook out scribbling down this stuff as fast as I could.

And now I know. There are plenty of stories in my head. They will come when they want to, whether I am ready to write them or not. But they are there. I am not alone. But with three stories on the board and one waiting in the wings, I am getting a little crowded. and now here's this new one, all shiny and new and exciting and I hear their voices and see their faces and I am doing research because the town is real so I have to have some reality in it and my other stories are sitting in the corners of my head, sad because I want to play with the new kid on the block and not my old friends. "But they are NEW, guys--I have to talk to them NOW so I don't lose their voices and who they are" I tell them, but they aren't buying it. I guess I will have to write some on them tonight or this weekend so they don't feel neglected....

But I am jazzed. I've wanted to write this story for awhile but I didn't know what it was yet or who was in it. Now I know and I love them already! This will be a fun book to write! Very snarky and funny, I hope, with lots of sizzle. Move over, Temptation! Meet Romance, Arkansas!

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Chari-Dee said...

AHHHH, Romance, Arkansas, sounds so, so, just right! I've not been around any blogs lately, and I'm so glad I came around to read this post, it is just the thing that has been onmy mind lately,too, so very timely for me, and promising!

Thanks Babe