Sunday, February 04, 2007

Which Way To Oz?

Well, not sure how this will turn out because every time I try to choose my font and color I can't get into the screen to actually write my post.... Strange.

Anyway. Been writing a lot lately. Have over 20K on the new story, which is great. Slowing down a little on the momentum because I am having to rethink some of my plot details and change some things to make everything work with the new direction I'm heading in.

For those of you who don't talk with me every day, this story came to me, pretty much fully formed, back in December. I loved it and started writing it and let my oldest daughter read it. She made a comment that had me looking at the story in a whole new light and suddenly it went from a fluff piece to a serious novel. Not sure if I am the one to write it, but I am giving it my best shot.

Because I changed directions, I am having to re-write one of the main characters who now has become an antagonist. Not so easy because I really liked the guys and struggled with making him into kind of a cold, arrogant jerk, but hey--you can't have it all! And I love the way the story is flowing and where it is going and it is going to be really good. But I can't help thinking that maybe I should have given him another chance. There is a part of me that wants to make the relationship work out, to still follow the original path. It is tempting. The story wouldn't follow the same general lines that most romance stories follow--I would be breaking some rules, but I think the story would be just as good, if not better, if I broke them and went where my heart is leading me to go. Damn it. Why can't they just play nice and do what I want them to do instead of acting like two year olds and insisting on their own way?!! Characters can be so maddening sometimes!! *grin*

So I am going to read the story again, and I think I am going to plot it out on a whiteboard with both scenarios and see which one speaks to me. Even my muse is torn. I can feel her vacillating between story lines and so I am going to sit back while she figures it out for herself before hitting the keyboards again. Because hey, let's be truthful here. If she ain't along for the ride it is going to be a rough and rocky road! I'm giving myself a week to sit back and look at all the angles before I make my decision. Maybe I will send what I have out to a couple of friends and see what they think. I'll let you know what I decide.

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