Sunday, November 26, 2006

Lessons Learned...

My husband went out Friday and bought himself a new truck. It is gorgeous, to say the least!

He has always owned Jeeps. In fact, we met because of one of them! I always wanted one, he had an 84 CJ7, it was love at first sight--well, love with the JEEP, that is! Him, it took a little longer! *grin*

Time goes on and he sells the '84 and we didn't have a Jeep for quite awhile. Then he bought a '97 slightly used and drove that for about five years. He convinced himself that he had finally outgrown the "Jeep thing" and bought a Chevy truck a couple of years back. It was really nice--'01,two tone, Z71 package, leather, extra cab, the works.

You'd think he would have been content, wouldn't you? I mean, the truck had ALL the toys, it was comfortable, looked sharp, everything a man could want from his vehicle. But then he started looking at Jeeps again and next thing I know he is bound and determined to buy another Jeep. This time, however, he says he is going to buy one and just keep it. Drive it when he wants, buy something else cheap to drive every day. We talked about it, and I said for him to go ahead, because I really do love Jeeps and wouldn't mind having one again.

So he buys this awesome Electric Lime Green Pearlcoat '05 Jeep Wrangler--heavy duty Dana 44 rear end, all the upgrades, 6 speed manual tranny. It was sweet! And he does exactly what he said he would do--parks it in the garage, drives it once in awhile, and went out and bought an '81 Corvette to drive every day.

But he's not happy. He misses his truck and all the niceties that he had with it and decides that he shouldn't have sold it and starts looking at trucks again....

By now I'm like "whatever"! The Jeep is worth quite a bit since he never drove it and it had LOW miles and we never even took it off-road (sigh). He did his homework--actually I did his homework--and researched trucks and values and where he could get the best deal. God bless the Internet! And so he went out and got a killer deal on a brand new '06 Chevy Crewcab 4x4 truck AND got a fair trade-in value for his Jeep. His biggest decision? The dealership had two identical trucks, one burgundy and one red. He spent an hour and a half deciding on which color he wanted! LOL!

So long story short, he should have never traded in his other truck and bought the Jeep. He would have been ahead in money spent and everything else. Of course, if he HADN'T bought the Jeep and finally gotten it out of his system we might be going through all of this again in a couple of years. Of course, that's not saying that Jeeps are completely out of MY system--have you seen those really cool 4-door Wranglers they came out with for '07? Yeah, they are REALLY nice! I could almost go for that myself....

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