Tuesday, November 14, 2006

I Know How It Ends...

I am SO jazzed! I know how my book ends! YES! It came to me on my way to BART this morning. Driving in commuter traffic has it's good points--it gives me a lot of time to think and plot and work on dialogue while sitting staring at the car in front of me's bumper!

So as soon as I got to the station and unloaded my bus, I was grabbing pen and paper and frantically scribbling it all down while it was still fresh in my mind. It was so cool--I just suddenly saw it and KNEW it was right! It's been bugging me, how to make it original and dramatic yet stay true to the story and my heroine(s). I thought that Zari, the main heroine, would have to face the evil Magda by herself but then I realized that it wouldn't be right, that three of them have to face her together. The power of three, that sort of thing. Without each other they will fail but together they can conquer all... And the coolest part--I even have the last line!

Bob was talking about motifs over at He Wrote/She Wrote (www.crusiemayer.com). How to weave a motif through the story, helps pull it all together. Moot was a motif in "Don't Look Down." Cherise and Hot Pink (flamingos) are a motif in "Agnes and the Hitman". So I think I am going to use a song in mine. Huey Lewis and the News "The Power of Love". Cheesy, yes, but it will work. Of course now I need to find out if it is copyright infringement to use it or if some mention can be made without any problem or how that all works. Hmmm--maybe I should ask Alesia or Whitney. They have all that legal background stuff going for them!! *grin* (www.literarychicks.com)

So now I have a beginning and an end. It's the filling up the middle part that is going to be challenging! But I know where this thing is going now, so maybe the road will straighten out a little bet now.... Nothing but good times ahead!

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dee said...

You are AWESOME!!
Really, having your last line is just the coolest!
I am just so proud of you for sticking to this. Does that sound bad? Cuz you know I don't mean it that way. I just know that you were kinda worried that you wouldn't be able to stick to this, and coming in here every few days and seeing your progress just makes me smile! :>)