Saturday, November 25, 2006

Being Productive

I had to work today--training new bus drivers--but after work I came home and decided to do some stuff around the house, since my husband always complains that I am not "productive" enough.... Um, excuse me? I think I am PLENTY productive, thank you very much!! I "produced" two beautiful daughters and I "produce" a very nice pay check every two weeks. I think I do plenty of "producing"!! *grin*

So back to my story. The girls left the garage door open yesterday and the garage had leaves all over the place. I was going to sweep them out when I notice the leaf blower laying on the dryer. Hmmmmm. I've never used a leaf blower before and it always looked like a pretty simple concept to me--turn it on, point it at the leaves, and blow. Simple, right?

Well, the problem is that the leaves don't seem to get the concept that they are supposed to blow away from me towards the street. Instead, they want to blow sideways into the neighbor's driveway, under the Corvette parked in our driveway, back up the lawn towards the house--everywhere, that is, EXCEPT where I was trying to get them to go!!

Now don't think that I for a moment considered the fact that raking the damn things up would have been a much faster and more efficient way of removing the leaves from the lawn! Well, I may have entertained the notion for a moment, but I was determined to make the stupid machine and those damn leaves do what I wanted them to do so I ignored my more intelligent self and kept on blowing.

My front yard is not big. It's only half as wide as the house and not very deep. I figured it would take me fifteen minutes, tops, to clear it off. However, that was before I actually turned on the blower. The nozzle kept falling off of the stupid blower thingy and I had to keep twisting it back on. Whenever I did that I would inadvertently blow the pile of leaves in front of me all over the place and I would have to start over again... All told, I think it took me closer to an hour to clear the leaves off of that itty bitty scrap of lawn!! By then my back was hurting and my hands were numb from the cold and I was thoroughly sick of the whole stupid thing!

I decided to wash my van also--something I NEVER do, just because it is big and tall and I am not and it is a pain in the ass to dry off. But it really needed to be cleaned and I even wiped the dog slobber off of the inside of the windows and cleaned out the old McDonald's cups out of the kids' cupholders. Yep, I was on a roll today!! Then my kids tell me that it is supposed to rain tomorrow....... Go figure, right?! Just my luck....

But I feel good. Even though it took me twice as long as it should have to clear the leaves out of my yard and my van will probably be filthy again by tomorrow night, at least I know I was "productive" today!!! And that's all that really matters...

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Chari-Dee said...

Oh I needed a smile! Thank you! I could just see myself fighting a leaf blower and it was too funny! Thanks for the smile! You are a very productive woman.