Thursday, November 30, 2006


Well, I didn't make it to 50000 words tonight. I did get 20,505 words written, however, and for that I am immensely proud of myself. I wrote over 7000 words tonight alone, which is pretty awesome in itself!! I am putting the old version into my WIP, and I am re-writing parts as I go so that it will mesh better with what I already have.

It's kind of creepy, how some of the stuff just speaks right to the new story. I forgot that I called the house "Aislinn" which is Irish for "dreams". So I just added some stuff about the girls in the dreams from Zari's story and voila! there it was.

I am glad that I participated in NaNo again this year, even though I didn't reach my goal of 50K. I have been sidetracked several times over the past month, what with overtime at work and my back spasm. and I have been having to do a lot of plotting to make the whole thing work together. It is so exciting as I get a new idea and realize how it fits into the story!

So I must be off to bed. Hubby has to get up earlier than me tomorrow and I need to get coffee pots set up and alarms changed... The story lives, however. It lives...

Midnight Madness

The countdown begins--I have 'til midnight to get to 50,000 words on NaNo and I haven't written a blessed thign for a week! Ever since I found the old version of my story I have been re-evaluating the story and I suddenly realized that I can't get rid of the old version. Instead, it is going into the story because now I see that each of the girls has her own story. They all start from different places and times and converge in one place to make the ending happen.

Of course, , this revelation comes with an awesome amount of work! I have been doing nothing but brain-storming and plotting for the past week! I cannot write another word until I know where the story is going and with whom in the lead. The one girl that I saw as the main heroine has now taken a back seat to another one, the original girl. And I am okay with that, really. They are all such great characters and I am really excited about where the story is taking me.

I had a great complement the other day. I gave the original manuscript to a friend of mine and asked her to read it so she could see my quandry and help me decide what to do. She came back and said "I love it!". Wow. That was really cool. AND she said that I need to keep it, so that sent me back to the drawing board....

For Christmas I think I am going to ask for a big white board to go on the wall by my computer so I can plot my stories on it. But I am wasting time chatting--NaNo ends at midnight.

I'll let y'all know how I do!!

Sunday, November 26, 2006

Lessons Learned...

My husband went out Friday and bought himself a new truck. It is gorgeous, to say the least!

He has always owned Jeeps. In fact, we met because of one of them! I always wanted one, he had an 84 CJ7, it was love at first sight--well, love with the JEEP, that is! Him, it took a little longer! *grin*

Time goes on and he sells the '84 and we didn't have a Jeep for quite awhile. Then he bought a '97 slightly used and drove that for about five years. He convinced himself that he had finally outgrown the "Jeep thing" and bought a Chevy truck a couple of years back. It was really nice--'01,two tone, Z71 package, leather, extra cab, the works.

You'd think he would have been content, wouldn't you? I mean, the truck had ALL the toys, it was comfortable, looked sharp, everything a man could want from his vehicle. But then he started looking at Jeeps again and next thing I know he is bound and determined to buy another Jeep. This time, however, he says he is going to buy one and just keep it. Drive it when he wants, buy something else cheap to drive every day. We talked about it, and I said for him to go ahead, because I really do love Jeeps and wouldn't mind having one again.

So he buys this awesome Electric Lime Green Pearlcoat '05 Jeep Wrangler--heavy duty Dana 44 rear end, all the upgrades, 6 speed manual tranny. It was sweet! And he does exactly what he said he would do--parks it in the garage, drives it once in awhile, and went out and bought an '81 Corvette to drive every day.

But he's not happy. He misses his truck and all the niceties that he had with it and decides that he shouldn't have sold it and starts looking at trucks again....

By now I'm like "whatever"! The Jeep is worth quite a bit since he never drove it and it had LOW miles and we never even took it off-road (sigh). He did his homework--actually I did his homework--and researched trucks and values and where he could get the best deal. God bless the Internet! And so he went out and got a killer deal on a brand new '06 Chevy Crewcab 4x4 truck AND got a fair trade-in value for his Jeep. His biggest decision? The dealership had two identical trucks, one burgundy and one red. He spent an hour and a half deciding on which color he wanted! LOL!

So long story short, he should have never traded in his other truck and bought the Jeep. He would have been ahead in money spent and everything else. Of course, if he HADN'T bought the Jeep and finally gotten it out of his system we might be going through all of this again in a couple of years. Of course, that's not saying that Jeeps are completely out of MY system--have you seen those really cool 4-door Wranglers they came out with for '07? Yeah, they are REALLY nice! I could almost go for that myself....

Saturday, November 25, 2006

Being Productive

I had to work today--training new bus drivers--but after work I came home and decided to do some stuff around the house, since my husband always complains that I am not "productive" enough.... Um, excuse me? I think I am PLENTY productive, thank you very much!! I "produced" two beautiful daughters and I "produce" a very nice pay check every two weeks. I think I do plenty of "producing"!! *grin*

So back to my story. The girls left the garage door open yesterday and the garage had leaves all over the place. I was going to sweep them out when I notice the leaf blower laying on the dryer. Hmmmmm. I've never used a leaf blower before and it always looked like a pretty simple concept to me--turn it on, point it at the leaves, and blow. Simple, right?

Well, the problem is that the leaves don't seem to get the concept that they are supposed to blow away from me towards the street. Instead, they want to blow sideways into the neighbor's driveway, under the Corvette parked in our driveway, back up the lawn towards the house--everywhere, that is, EXCEPT where I was trying to get them to go!!

Now don't think that I for a moment considered the fact that raking the damn things up would have been a much faster and more efficient way of removing the leaves from the lawn! Well, I may have entertained the notion for a moment, but I was determined to make the stupid machine and those damn leaves do what I wanted them to do so I ignored my more intelligent self and kept on blowing.

My front yard is not big. It's only half as wide as the house and not very deep. I figured it would take me fifteen minutes, tops, to clear it off. However, that was before I actually turned on the blower. The nozzle kept falling off of the stupid blower thingy and I had to keep twisting it back on. Whenever I did that I would inadvertently blow the pile of leaves in front of me all over the place and I would have to start over again... All told, I think it took me closer to an hour to clear the leaves off of that itty bitty scrap of lawn!! By then my back was hurting and my hands were numb from the cold and I was thoroughly sick of the whole stupid thing!

I decided to wash my van also--something I NEVER do, just because it is big and tall and I am not and it is a pain in the ass to dry off. But it really needed to be cleaned and I even wiped the dog slobber off of the inside of the windows and cleaned out the old McDonald's cups out of the kids' cupholders. Yep, I was on a roll today!! Then my kids tell me that it is supposed to rain tomorrow....... Go figure, right?! Just my luck....

But I feel good. Even though it took me twice as long as it should have to clear the leaves out of my yard and my van will probably be filthy again by tomorrow night, at least I know I was "productive" today!!! And that's all that really matters...

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

11,000 Words and still going...

I cannot beleive it! 11,053 words! Woot, woot! It has been flowing pretty well today. I finally dug through my folders and whatnot and found my old notes I have written and maps that I have drawn over the past many years. Imagine my amazement when I found my original manuscript. 75 pages, all typed on my old manual tyrpewriter. What a rush! And what is even better is that now I have all the names that I had forgotten. Names are a BIG deal in fantasy. They were hard to come up with in the first place, so I feel like I have found a treasure chest! "Onward and upward!" (CS Lewis, Chronicles of Narnia, 'The Last Battle')

Nothing but good times ahead! (um, thanks Jenny!)

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

I Know How It Ends...

I am SO jazzed! I know how my book ends! YES! It came to me on my way to BART this morning. Driving in commuter traffic has it's good points--it gives me a lot of time to think and plot and work on dialogue while sitting staring at the car in front of me's bumper!

So as soon as I got to the station and unloaded my bus, I was grabbing pen and paper and frantically scribbling it all down while it was still fresh in my mind. It was so cool--I just suddenly saw it and KNEW it was right! It's been bugging me, how to make it original and dramatic yet stay true to the story and my heroine(s). I thought that Zari, the main heroine, would have to face the evil Magda by herself but then I realized that it wouldn't be right, that three of them have to face her together. The power of three, that sort of thing. Without each other they will fail but together they can conquer all... And the coolest part--I even have the last line!

Bob was talking about motifs over at He Wrote/She Wrote ( How to weave a motif through the story, helps pull it all together. Moot was a motif in "Don't Look Down." Cherise and Hot Pink (flamingos) are a motif in "Agnes and the Hitman". So I think I am going to use a song in mine. Huey Lewis and the News "The Power of Love". Cheesy, yes, but it will work. Of course now I need to find out if it is copyright infringement to use it or if some mention can be made without any problem or how that all works. Hmmm--maybe I should ask Alesia or Whitney. They have all that legal background stuff going for them!! *grin* (

So now I have a beginning and an end. It's the filling up the middle part that is going to be challenging! But I know where this thing is going now, so maybe the road will straighten out a little bet now.... Nothing but good times ahead!

Monday, November 13, 2006

Day 12.....

It has been a challenge to write every day. A challenge, I am sorry to say, that I have been unable to match. I HAVE written more this year than last--quite a bit more, actually--and I am far from discouraged. However, it is difficult to sit down and write EVERY day. And most of what I am writing is just drivel. It's the boring stuff that has to go in so that there is a back story so that hopefully further down the line everything makes sense. Or not. Mostly I am just putting words on paper--or hard drive memory--so that I can go back through them later and make them into something more coherent and cohesive.

Of course, I can't write at NORMAL times. Oh no, not me! I could not sleep tonight--spent the day at the car show in Sacramento with the DH and DD#2, had a nice dinner in Stockton, came home and shared a quiet hour or so with DD#2 (something we do not often enough so these times are precious to me), and when it came time to turn off the lights and go to sleep--nope, it wasn't happening. So I decided to get up and get some more words written since last week I hardly wrote at all due to the back spasms that kept me off work AND away from my computer! So now here it is, 330AM, and I must go take a showere and head off for work. Gotta go make some coffee and see if I can make it through the next 8 hours or so.... Wish me luck!

PS--oh yeah, word count is now 7814. Slow but sure...

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

It's NaNo Time!!

Well, I have committed myself to NaNoWriMo this month. For those of you who aren't in the "know", NaNo is a writing competition that a guy named Chris Baty started a few years back as a little writing challenge between himself and some friends. Since then it has become a national phenomenom and this year there are a few THOUSAND of us, including kids, who are participating!

Basically, the challenge is this: from November 1st to November 30th, writers are challenged to produce 50,000 words on a novel that they want to write. Some writers use this time to re-write a book they have already written, but most use it to write a story that has been sitting on the back-burner of their brain but haven't actually gotten around to writing.

I wasn't going to do it this year, but one of my Cherry friends (waving at you, Dee!) shamed me into it, so I joined and have been slogging away ever since.

I am off work for a few days because for some reason I have been having terrible back spasms since Friday, so I am going to be doing some major catching-up this week to make up for missing a few days because of my back. Hoping the drugs will enable me to sit for a spell each day in front of the computer. Hell, they may even make the story better--it IS a fantasy, you know! Might loosen up some inhibitions, who knows?!! Didn't the Beatles write some great music while under the influence? *grin*

So right now my count is a little over 5500 words. I know, I know, I got a long ways to go!! So don't be afraid to post here or at my other blog and cheer me on!! I need all the help I can get!!