Tuesday, August 29, 2006


As you can see from the photo, clutter is a real problem for me. I don't store my saddle in the middle of the dining room--please, even *I* have my standards--but it was the only picture in which I hadn't edited out all the crap laying around my house.

I am a pack rat. I admit it freely. We were having a conversation about this over at the LC (www.literarychicks.com) the other day. Alesia was talking about how when she gets on a deadline everyone in her house seems to take advantage of her distraction to start piling things in places that stuff doesn't belong! It absolutely drives her crazy because she is a neat freak. Unfortunately I have the opposite affliction and find myself to be the "piler" and apparently I have taught my children how to be clutterers also!

If there is a flat surface in my home, you can be assured that there will be something on it! Now mind you, I always know where everything is! It's when I start putting thing away that I can't find anything!

Part of my problem is that I just have a really hard time getting rid of stuff. I still have notebooks from high school and college, for Pete's sake!! What on earth do I need those things for?! But if I were to get rid of them I am afraid that I will suddenly NEED them again and then they won't be there.... Yeah, right! When am I ever going to need notes on English grammer again that I took in a class over twenty years ago?!! Get real! Yet the fact remains that the notebooks are still packed safely away in a box in the garage....

I wasn't raised like this. My mom keeps a very clean house and it was pounded into my head as a child that "everything has a place and everything in it's place" and "clean up one thing before starting another". Unfortunately it all went in one ear and out the other! Probably the passive-aggressive part of my personality that clings to the angst of childhood keeps me from following through with what I know I should do to keep my house clutter-free, but really, that is just an excuse.

I have watched those shows on HG-TV where a professional organizer comes in and helps people take control of their lives by really making them get rid of crap that they have hung on to for years and don't need. I think my husband would weep for joy if I ever signed up for one of those shows!! The only drwback to the whole thing is that I think they only do one room in the house--I need them to do the WHOLE house!! Closets, garage, kids' rooms--everything!!

It is true that clutter takes over your life. I try very hard to keep up with it, but between the kids and myself I geet overwhelmed and just give up. *sigh* I need help! I've been telling myself all summer that I need to clean out my closet, but here it is the end of August and the closet is still a mess! I think it is hopeless...

Friday, August 18, 2006

Wants and Needs

Today we went out and got our youngest daughter a cell phone. She turned 13 in July and her dad and I decided that she could have a phone of her own. Her sister (almost 15) has had one for almost a year and up 'til now I didn't see any reason for Sierra to have one also. However, she is in 8th grade this year and she and her sister have very different activities on different days and we felt that she needed her own phone so that, if for no other reason, we can keep in touch with HER! She had saved some of her birthday money and contributed $50 to the purchase of her phone. While we were at it I bought myself a new phone also--mine was old and persnickety and I was tired of hassling with it--sometimes it would just lock up and not work, other times I couldn't turn it off--I was just DONE with it!

This whole cell phone-thing has got me to thinking about what our wants and needs are and how they have changed over the past 10-20 years. We just recently had to purchase a new dishwasher. Not a need, really, since I have a double sink in the kitchen and dish soap is still pretty cheap. But definitely a want, because washing dishes for a household of 5 gets to be pretty time-consuming and really rather a bother! We went for a good three or four months without but my husband finally broke down and bought a dish washer. He was tired of arguing with the kids about whose turn it was and I was tired of trying to get them to wash the dishes RIGHT--"No, Sierra, you cannot just put some soap on the brush and scrub the dishes that way! Hot water and dish soap in the SINK, THEN you scrub..." It just wasn't worht it, finally, and I have to admit I love the new dishwasher!! It is HUGE and QUIET--aahhhhh..... AND my dishes are CLEAN!! LOL!

Then there is the whole issue of cell phones. Want or need? I leaned toward "want" until my kids got older and got involved with church and school activities. Now I think it is a "need"!! I know that I feel as if I am half-dressed if I leave my house without MY cell phone! I get a lot of calling done while traveling to and from work, and it is great to be able to grab my phone on a short break and leave a message on my daughter's phone if I think of something I need to have her do before she leaves school or whatever. Plus my phone has unlimited minutes AND unlimited long distance! I can call my friends all over the USA without a problem and it keeps me in touch with people that I might otherwise have lost contact with because of distance or whatever.

What do YOU perceive as a "want" or a "need"? It can be anything, really. I NEED my computer! I WANT a new one! LOL! I WANT to be a published writer. I NEED to write anyway, no matter what. (The published part would be nice, though!!) Have you changed your ideas over the years? Why? I'd like to know that maybe I am not the only one with these dilemnas!! Tell me....