Saturday, July 29, 2006

Mt. Lassen National Park

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This is a picture of King's Valley in Mt. Lassen National Park. Located in Northern California, Mt. Lassen is one of several dormant volcanoes that line the West Coast all the way up into Alaska. One of the great features of this park is the fact that you can drive almost all the way up to the summit of Mt. Lassen--over 8000 feet! Brr! There are also many geologic discoveries to be made--mud pots, geysers, sulfur springs--and a short hike can take you to some spectacular places! The views are amazing also, and the flora, fauna, and rock formations are truly inspiring. Located north and east of Redding it is a lovely drive and well worth the $20 admission. There is even camping in this park, and it is very peaceful. I highly recommend Mt. Lassen as a vacation destination.


dee said...

I'll keep this in mind when we do our driving tour of the west next summer!

On another note, I know you mentioned "Between, Georgia". Just to let you know, I lovedlovedloved that book. Seriously though, I think I may have loved gods In Alabama even more. For some reason, that story just hit me really hard between the eyes, and I still don't think I'm seeing quite straight from it. I mean, it's been a few weeks now, and I really can't get into any other books. I've read a few, but the passion to finish is just not there for me right now. I think JJ might have ruined me for a while. What I really need is a new Crusie. I just KNOW that would snap me out of it...maybe. Just go get them both. I really don't think you'll regret it a single little bit!!

Chari-Dee said...

That picture is beatuimous (or however I should have spelled that, I don't think it is a real word so I think that spelling will work just fine, um, maybe)I love good pictures like that, where you can see yourself smack dab in the middle of it even though you have never been there in real life. Just lovely.