Friday, June 16, 2006

The fine art of hanging up...

You know, there is only just so much I can take, answering the phones every day at work. Yesterday I hit the wall.

I get the same young man calling every day about whether or not the bus has passed through a particular time point. Every day. Yes, I know it is him because I recognize his voice--hard not to when you hear it EVERY DAY!! Yesterday I was in the middle of trying to understand a program on the computer with the ops manager and the phones were ringing off the hook so I finally grabbed it and it was my little friend, wanting to know if the bus had gone by yet.

Now tell me this--why is it that this young man has the money for a cell phone but obviously not a watch?! The ride gudes are even free--he needs to pick one up so that he knows when the bus comes through that stop every day! But no, he wants to call ME and ask ME the same stupid question day in and day out.

I snapped. Yes, I admit it--I was rude! He said he had only been at the stop for a few minutes and upon checking MY watch I told him the bus had probably come through already, since it had been due there about 8 minutes before he called, and that the next one would be along shortly. Now this is where I got ticked off--he asked me to CALL THE BUS and SEE WHERE IT IS.

Now, I have no problem asking a supervisor to call a bus if, say, the person calling me was at the stop 5-10 minutes before it's time point and it's now twenty minutes later. That I can understand. But I am NOT calling for a bus when he can't even get his sorry ass out there on time! It's not my problem--he needs to BE at the stop BEFORE the bus is due, not asking me to call it when he wasn't there in the first place!

So basically I told him "no". Then he asked for a supervisor and I told him no again and told him he could just wait, the bus would be there in a few minutes. THEN I HUNG UP ON HIM!! Wouldn't you know it, the phones were still ringing and I picked it up again, and now he is yelling for a supe--I HUNG UP ON HIM AGAIN!! I decided maybe I had better not answer the phone any more and got back to the computer program.

Now mind you, my ops manager was standing next to me throughout this entire exchange! She never said a word, but she was the one at the window when the kid decided to come in and complain about me!! *giggle* She basically told him the same thing I had, that we won't call a bus unless it is extremely late, but she was a lot nicer about it than I was--hey, she gets paid more to deal with that crap, I don't, so she can handle it! I told her it was me--duh!--and all she said was "don't be rude" and let it go... Yeah, yeah, I know, and really, I am VERY nice to most people, but every once in awhile I just can't deal...

Oh yeah--and do you know, he called AGAIN, AFTER I had hung up on him not once but TWICE (before he came into the office, that is) and asked me for the time the next bus was coming through that location?!! I recognized his voice...

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