Saturday, June 24, 2006

As the Office Turns.....

It is one crazy ride! I have been in the office now for almost a month--omg, how do you people stand it?!! WE are SO short drivers right now--several of us are off on medical leave, we fired about three drivers for various reasons, two are retiring within the next month, and one moved out of state. On top of that we have four people on vacation each week with two others off on requested days off. Add to it the 2-4 drivers who call off each day and you can see the dilemna! The head supe just stood there, shaking his head this morning, as he surveyed the board and tried to figure out how to stretch his driving team to meet the needs of our transit system today. We have almost no extra board left to take up the slack and so we are pulling in drivers on their breaks and practically begging them to give us an hour or more to keep the buses rolling. Fortunately most of the drivers I work with are team players and chip in as the need arises. But there is a small percentage of drivers who don't care and they make it hard for the rest of us.

I hate just sitting there while the supes frantically try to fill the paddles each day. I feel guilty for not helping, and I can't help but regret all the over time I could be racking up each day!! So I do my best to be support staff and make sure the phones are answered promptly, paperwork is filed correctly, and that the paddle sheet supply is kept up. The copy machine and I have a great relationship--I think we may be going steady...!! *grin* Just don't tell my husband! *wink*


Crzy Boss said...

You can have a relationship with the copy machine and good luck. I know it hates me because each time I try to copy more than 3 pages it knows and makes sure it's out of paper. Just ask Lee; every time!

I have an intimate relationship with the fax machine. Do not go near it. It's Mine!

Velda thinks I can snap my fingers and produce new drivers daily. I don't think so. Someone get me the apps. It's too bad that a few drivers think it's funny that we are in such a bind. I hear things and it's not so funny. Some are totally burnt out because of the extra hours they are working and that worries me, because of accidents. When people get tired things go bad. I want to drive.

Sheri said...

Well, come on down!! I'll let you have the fax machine--not a clue as to how to operate it... *grin* But seriously, they should let you drive, unless they are afraid that something might happen--THEN where would they be? No trainer, no safety manager--better you stay in the office and not take any chances... I mean, look at Carol. 20+ years and suddenly an oops! Would 'a thunk? And by the way, glad to see you are getting into this blogging thing--pretty cool stuff!!

gdilbhvv--good dogs in Livermore bark happy, vivacious volleys.

Chari-Dee said...

Hi Sheri!!!

I was thinking there might be a brand new post to look at since everything is getting resolved. "Go Sheri, Go Sheri! It's your birthday. No it isn't no really. But we gonna party, like it's your birthday!" Okay, I've done the geeky cheerleader thing, I'll go now!