Monday, May 22, 2006

New frontier

Since I discovered that I needed to open an account on blogger to post a comment to a friend's blog, I decided that I may as well make use of it and post something! I already have a site that I use frequently, but what the heck?! I talk enough to fill up several blog sites, so I am good!

I am presently doing time at home recovering from carpal tunnel surgery--one down, one to go. I am a Cherry and proud of it (, as well as a Cherry Bomb (check out He Said/She Said at I am an aspiring writer with a WIP that I am very excited about, so I will be using my "down time" to work on it, now that my hand is better and not confined in swaths of cotton batting!

Other than that I have nothing of interest to report at this time, but my life is usually one big drama after another, so keep in touch! Never know when my life will go to hell in a hand basket!

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